What is digitizing?

Well let's see, to make this simple it's the act of turning artwork into a readable file for the embroidery machine.

Can my artwork be turned into embroidery?

Hmmmm yes and no. This answer would depend on a few answers. Is your design made for print or web only. Believe it or not, not all images that look great on the web will convert well to print and definitely not to embroidery.

How much does it costs to have my artwork digitized?

Once again it would depend on how detailed your image is. The size of the finished product makes a huge difference too. Keep in mind that if you need your artwork cleaned up or tweaked, that will be  an additional cost.

I just want text embroidered, does that have to be digitized?

Here at Atlanta Monogram we have quite a few fonts but would you believe that we don't have them all. So even though it's just text, it may have to be treated as an image when considering digitizing.

I have a drawing, can that be turned into embroidery?

Sure, however we would need to charge an additional artwork fee. Your hand drawing needs to be converted into a vector. That may include giving your drawing heavier lines or we may have to completely redraw the design.

How long does it take for my design to be digitized?

Once again this is dependent upon how intensive or detailed your design is. Simple vectors or clean line drawings can be digitized in quickly as 24hrs.


Digitized Artwork by Atlanta Monogram

Digitized logo by Atlanta Monogram

Cost of Digitizing Embroidery

Simple: $15 (normally 4x4 corporate left chest logo) up to 10k - 4 inches

Medium Design: $25 (more than 3 colors 4x4 left chest logo) up to 20k - 5 inches

Large Full back Design: $75 unlimited stitches and height up to 18 inches x 13 inches

Vector Work

Artwork color separation:

  • Simple: $10.00
  • Medium: $20-$40
  • Complex: $10hr