About us

Hey Yall,
My name is Adrienne Smith and Atlanta Monogram is my baby outside of my 3 monsters. I started my embroidery company in the basement of my parents house with one single needle machine in 2011. Fast forward 6 years, I now have 4 machines including large commercial multi needles.
So why embroidery and why monogramming?
First off, you should all know that I am a self taught seamstress. So my initial idea (no pun intended) was to have a way to add cool designs to my finished creations. Then I discovered all the other cool things I could make with my machine. 
Having 2 boy young boys, at the time, that always needed cute clothes prompted me to make kids' shirts and thus my business was born.
I now do a little of everything as you can see from the wide variety of products in the store. I try to add products that I think will appeal to you all that I personally fall in love with.
As I continue to grow and expand my shop, I hope you all will continue to be apart of  my journey. I have really enjoyed completing over 2,000 custom gift orders over the years.
Feel free to say hello or check in with me on product suggestion too!
Take care
I appreciate all of your business
Adrienne Smith
Monogram shop in Atlanta